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Table Customization-

Table Customization

Tabletop Customization Service

To ensure quality and sustainability, 90% of our custom table top singapore made. Laminated plywood is used to produce our tabletop instead of MDF. Plywood is tougher as compare to MDF. High pressure laminates are used to finish the final product and customers are offered more choices of colors and textures. 

With custom table top singapore in-house product design team and carpentry workshop, customizing a tabletop has never been easier.

A high quality of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is used as protection against plywood. The product is made up of six to eight layers of resin-impregnated kraft paper, decorative paper (with a pattern, color or woodgrain) and a clear overlay. These layers are manufactured under 1000kg per-square-meter of pressure which is under 140°C+ temperature.



A table is the center of attention of your furniture as it hosts all the things and activities. But a table top not only serves the purpose of hosting things, but it also reflects your personality, describes your taste, and makes a statement about your choice.

At MyDesk.sg, we believe that every person is unique and has every right to put across his special taste. If you are one of those special people, your table does not have to be one of those regular ones that every third person in Singapore has.

You need a custom table top Singapore that communicates what you want.


Our custom table top Singapore lets you design your own table top by providing you with a variety of customization options. Here is what you can get:

1. Dimensions:

If you go for a regular tabletop, you will have to adjust your area and make a setting that fits the table. But with a custom tabletop, you can have full control of the area by deciding its dimensions.

At MyDesk.sg, you can decide the size of your table top, customize its length, width, thickness, shape, style, and design so that you can have full liberty of setting your area the way you want to.

2. Colors:

With different materials, you can also get the option of customizing the color, pattern, design, and style of your tabletop.

Depending upon the nature of the material, your tabletop will have a unique natural color. To add to them, you can ask us to modify our coatings and dyes to give you a look you want.

We can use special cutting methods and techniques for custom designs to naturally give your table a look you want.

3. Purpose:

Our custom table top Singapore is also tailored according to the purpose you want it to serve. We provide tabletops for your workstations, gaming setups, study desk, work desks and dining halls, etc.

You can also request us to make a special tabletop if you have some unconventional project in your mind, and our experts will make a custom plan to suit your needs.

Contact us for any table customization.