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Rules of Thumb When Choosing the Perfect Storage and Filing Cabinet

Filing and storage cabinets are an undeniable staple in the office. As a type of storage furniture, these cupboards are prevalent in home and traditional workspaces for their efficient organization methods, being able to stow documents, valuables and necessities safely and tidily. Despite electronic filing systems becoming more and more widespread in our digital age, these storage solutions remain as an unyielding essential for physical record-keeping – so much so that modern filing cabinets today exist in various forms for an array of functionalities and preferences. 

By understanding the purposes they serve, you can better select the right filing cabinet for your office to help you in your daily tasks and document management. Here are a few reasons why these cupboards held up over decades as a prime organization tool in the office:

  1. Storage and organization: Filing cabinets are a straightforward way to keep your paperwork in order. With a structured and systematic interior, these furniture pieces are designed to help you categorize and retrieve your documents with ease. Stationery, such as folders, labels and dividers complement well with filing cabinets to enhance your organization system. 
  2. Space maximizing: Acting as a centralized location for storage, filing cabinets are capable of housing much of your materials, thereby reducing clutter and keeping your desk neat and functional. This can make way for a more productive and comfortable work environment where space is properly utilized. 
  3. Security and confidentiality: Most filing cabinets are built in with locks to allow for the storage of sensitive documents such as employee information, invoices and contracts. These security features can protect important documents from prying eyes or unauthorized access. 
  4. Backup and safekeeping: Filing cabinets are a foolproof way of safekeeping unlike digital storage systems that are vulnerable to malware or technical issues leading to data loss. In cases where information is electronically filed, these physical storage solutions serve as a reliable backup outlet in the event of irreversible damage to stored data.
  5. Affordable and professional: With their distinct appearance, filing cabinets are unmistakably made to exist in a corporate setting, and can cohesively contribute to a formal and working office. As essential storage components, these cupboards can often be bought at affordable prices and stand the test of time, making them highly cost-effective for long-running businesses.

Exploring the many options available for these reliable storage systems will be easier with a good grasp of their uses and functionalities. This is intertwined with your ideals and preferences, as well as the current models and configurations that are on the market. Without further ado, let us run through some factors that should be considered when selecting the perfect cabinet for you.

Consider the size and capacity 

Filing cabinets come with varying capacities that allow you to retain a fixed amount of paperwork. When purchasing a new cabinet, think about whether it satisfies your current needs and if it accommodates your future plans (scalability). Is your business on the verge of closing multiple deals, securing new clients, or expanding? If so, there may be a need for more storage space. Depending on the kind of documents you are intending to catalog, you should also pay attention to the dimensions of your compartments, such as the drawers to determine if they are wide or deep enough to hold your documents and keep them in good shape. 

Keep in mind that the storage capacity of the filing cabinet denotes certain physical measurements, even with an efficient organization system in place. In other words, if you’re looking for a capacious storage cabinet, there is a likelihood that your furniture will be big, be it laterally or vertically. It is important then to ensure that the size of the cabinet doesn’t make it stick out like a sore thumb and disrupt the flow of the room.

Determine your design needs

That being said, the size and capacity of the storage cabinet is also inherently connected to its design and the feel it imparts when lent to the office environment. To help individuals maintain a uniform and cohesive atmosphere of their workplace interior, many furniture companies have started releasing them in different designs suited for different styles. An assortment of filing cabinets cloaked in different colors also help individuals find the right fit to their workspace. These aesthetic choices can help in the selection of a filing cabinet that is not only effective in categorizing important records, but also complement the surrounding decor for a complete effect.

Analyze which features are crucial to you

Storage facilities like filing cabinets often come in various configurations that cater to different needs. The compartments that make up the cabinet can determine the organization method of your materials, so it would help to understand the different types of filing cabinets up for sale. 

Some of the more common storage cabinets are constructed of layers of drawers, but the contents of these drawers may differ. In addition to standard drawers, file drawers can arrange dozens of files systematically, with the choice of integrating metal bars that allow you to hang and sort your files conveniently. Others feature label holders that let you insert tags for easy identification, and dividers that help you better compartmentalize your documents and at the same time, save space. Don’t forget mobile filing cabinets that come with wheels, that can make moving around from place to place easier; as well as those that allow you to take stock of their contents in a single sweep with wide swing doors.

Decide on the material

Filing cabinets are made from a variety of materials that can be chosen based on your cosmetic, longevity and security requirements. Among plastic and wooden cabinets, oftentimes, metal cabinets are favored for their durability and hardiness, making them highly anti-theft, resistant to wear and tear and even sustainable options. They have also  been regarded as a classic that exudes smart and professional appeal, with potential for being customizable with their compartments and shelves. 

E Evaluate how the material can perform in your day-to-day operations and how it can serve you under unforeseen circumstances to ensure that your purchase is informed and carefully considered. 

Allocate your budget

Just like any other furniture, filing or storage cabinets have a whole host of options available at different price points depending on the design, size, material and other qualities you seek. Finding the right balance between affordability and practicality can help you shortlist the right storage solution that satisfies your requirements, ironing out the kinks in your workflow with a fast, effective and fuss-free organizational structure at a reasonable price. Before committing to a specific design, peruse the market for different brands and companies to research and compare prices for similar products. This is also a good time to scan for versatility and flexibility in your options, including after-sales perks such as warranties, to evaluate if the cabinet is truly value for money in the long run.

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