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How to Make the Best of your Custom Made Study Table Design for your Home

Custom Made Study Table Design for your Home

A study room is not complete without a study table as it is the primary piece of furniture which serves as the main tool for all the activities you want to carry in your study room.

Everyone has a different process of studying, and a study room is a sacred space where you put yourself up for transformation and go through the process of growth. Such reasons make a study table a very personal thing.

But how do you make your study table personal? You can get a custom-made study table that caters to all your needs, for starters. But is getting a custom made study table enough to personalize your work desk? It certainly is not!

A custom made study table provides you more utility than personal details and hence is not much different than a regular L shape study table. To add personal details, you will have to set it up and design it in a way that represents your taste and carries elements of your personality.

This blog provides several design ideas that will enable you to pull this task off.

Design Ideas of L Shape Study Table:

1. The Fun Design:

If you are good at multitasking and find it hard to focus on one thing at a time, the fun design can be the best choice for you.

If you prefer to study with some form of entertainment, such as playing music in the background, you can pair your study table with your entertainment unit.

For this design, you'll need an L shape study table, the extension of which will reach the wall and host your media units such as your TV or speakers. The extension will keep the entertainment far enough to keep you from getting distracted will close enough to keep your studying light and fun.

2. The Design for bookworms:

If you like to study hardcore and get immersed in your books, this design is just the right fit for you.

You can get an extravagant bookshelf attached to your custom-made study table for this design.

The design will be a hybrid between a typical bookshelf and a modern study table. The whole unit will look like a bookshelf with ample storage room, and the study table will be incorporated in it so that you can remain immersed in your book.

The design will work the best with a rolling chair so that you can easily move around and access anything you want from your shelves.

3. The Artsy Design:

If you are a creative type and get lost in your imagination when you study a cool concept, the artsy design will be the right fit for you.

For the artsy design, you can have the tabletop of your custom made study table painted in your favorite colors and have the designs and patterns of your choice on it. You can include the front wall in your study table by extending the tabletop pattern, design, or color on the wall for heightened effect.

For example, your tabletop can be designed as a globe, whereas your wall can be painted as a map.

You can also make a contrast to have a dramatic effect. For example, your tabletop is colored as an ocean bed and your wall as a beach. Or you can design your tabletop as an ocean and paint your wall as the sky.