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Features you Should Look for in a Height Adjustable Standing Desks for Your Office

Height Adjustable Standing Desks For Your Office

When it comes to prioritizing your health at work, we do not have many options. Long working hours and usage of non-suitable furniture for offices is the single most common reason for body posture issues in Singapore.

The problem is that many do not realize having specialized office equipment is necessary to maintain their health and be their best selves at work.

Thankfully, we do not see enough innovation in this field, and people are actually taking their health seriously. One such innovation is the office height adjustable desk, a relatively new concept but is catching trend, especially after the pandemic.

If you are also new to this concept, we have a list of great features you can get in some of the most affordable height adjustable desk available at mydesk.

What is a Standing Desk?

A customize standing desk that provides height adjustments to keep people from sitting for long hours and allows them to stand every once in a while, straighten their back and keep at work without any breaks.

A customize standing desk is usually equipped with a motor system and a smart panel that allows you to prompt it to effortlessly increase or decrease its height so that you can choose between working in a standing or a sitting position.

Outstanding Features of the Most Affordable Height Adjustable Desk:

We have the most reasonably priced yet extremely useful office height adjustable desk for you, each is equipped with a unique functionality so that you can pick one for your need. Here are some features worth considering according to your utility.

1. Liberty to Add-On Storage Spaces:

A drawback of having a customized standing desk is that they usually do not have a lot of storage space. The tabletop is deliberately made to have less space to remain light and can easily be lifted or dropped.

Such design makes it perfect to be used as a table, but to be the ideal desk for you, it needs some sort of storage to have all your stuff in one place and easily access it when you need it.

For your flexible needs and urge to mdifications, you will need one such desk that is light enough to be easily picked and dropped using the built-in electric motor but also provides enough space for you to store your stuff.

Unlike a typical desk, it should not come with all the built-in drawers and cabinets, but it should provide the space and add-on options so that you get a customized standing desk according to your need, without having to pay more or less you need to.

2. Ideal Desk of a Tech Savvy:

If you are a sci-fan and are looking for a fancy addition to your office, the best office height adjustable desk for you is the one that can accommodate your gadgets. It is also a great choice for those who use their desk for multi-tasking, or their work demands them to be messy.

For all the tech savvy’s out there, your desk should come with a number of gadgets, along with all the features of a standard standing desk. The additional features will allow you to sort your additional stuff easily while working.

The technology for such desk is usually advanced as it provides one of the best height adjustment timing and takes care of the ergonomic requirements to meet the needs of a modern person. With up to four presets, you can get to your desired height whenever you need it, without having to adjust or experiment every time manually.

3. Starter Pack for Beginners:

If you have just found out about the standing desks and are unsure about their benefits, you can try the basic beginner variant of a standing desk.

These type of standing desks are one of the most basic standing desks locally available but comes with all the features that will convince you about its utility.

The best part is that it is very reasonably priced, and it allows new users to get a feel of the modern working style without paying a hefty amount for it.

And once you are sure about the benefits, you can buy some attachments and make your standing desk upgraded to meet your needs.

4. Organizers’ Variant for Clean-freaks:

Not all of us are as organized as we need to provide our maximum productivity. Studies show that a messier desk can indicate that the person is highly creative, but it can also halt productivity to a significant level.

Mess-free versions of standing desks allow you to be creative and productive at the same time by letting you be messy yet keeping your desk organized; because these come with multiple compartments, sections, and ledges that give you a space for each of your things. These usually come with a refined mechanism to keep your wires sorted, hold your devices, and allow you to enjoy working at your desk.

It is the most suited version for a casual home office where you can work and entertain yourself at the same time. At times, it even has special points for speakers and gaming equipment as well.

5. Minimal Design for a Minimalist:

The minimalist variants are ideal for those who carry out most of their work on computers and require very little equipment on their desk. These desks are basic yet classy and adds a stylish yet subtle touch to your office while providing you with all the necessary facilities for a standing desk.

With a base level know-how of standing desks, you can choose from a range of options and find your favorite colors, themes, and wood type to fit it in your workspace. We have a great variety available at My Desks