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Best Ergonomic Chairs in Singapore to Sit for Long Hours without Backaches

Best Ergonomic Chairs in Singapore

A large population of the residents or citizens in Singapore belong to the working class. A standard job in Singapore is usually a desk bound job which requires employees to sit in a chair for long hours and work in front of their a computer or laptops.

Sitting for long hours has known health hazards like obesity, irregulated blood pressure, bowel movements, etc. But the hazards that are less talked about and have started to be significantly prominent in Singapore's population are related to body posture and spine health.

The human skeleton is designed with various joints to posture our body. If we sit in chairs for long hours, the spine is at risk of deformity, causing body aches and eventually a disability.

But since we had no better option but to sit in our chairs during office hours, there arises the need to develop a chair which can be adapted to the human body's design.

What is an Ergonomic Mesh Chair?

An ergonomic mesh chair is a revolutionary design of office chairs that is created to provide individual support to each section of the human body by uniformly distributing the weight throughout the body and cutting off the strain from particular parts.

An ergonomic mesh chair also keeps the body in an ideal position to avoid body posture issues. Moreover, the mesh fabric of an ergonomic mesh chair makes the chair breathable by enabling airflow between the human body and the environment.

The airflow keeps the body temperature regulated and makes it more comfortable for the users to sit.

After the invention of the ergonomic mesh chair, many people jumped on the bandwagon and created their own versions of it. But not all of them were designed after carefully measuring each point of the human spine, leading to the availability of some less suitable versions of ergonomic chairs in the market.

So how would you know which is the best ergonomic chair Singapore? This blog is intended to answer this very question.

Features of the Best Ergonomic Chair Singapore:

With so many players in the market, it is hard to pinpoint one chair as the best ergonomic chair in Singapore. But, we have set up rigorous criteria of some features that every quality ergonomic chair must have.

Below are some typical features of the best ergonomic chair Singapore, and if you remain mindful of them, you will be able to find the best one for yourself.

1. Height Adjustment:

Traditional chairs are designed to keep the average height in consideration, but what about shorter or taller than the average height?

An ergonomic chair must have a height adjustability option to adjust it to their body type and preferences.

The most common height adjustability tool in an ergonomic chair is a side liver bar that lets you control the height.

For the ideal ergonomic chair, the height should be enough to allow you to rest your feet flat on the floor. The feet should be relaxed, and you should neither be trying too hard to reach the floor nor should it be uncomfortable to maintain the contact.

Another point worth noting is that your thighs should make an exact 90 degrees angle with your feet, and your knees and ankles should align in a straight line.

2. Seat Dimensions:

Seat dimensions play an essential role in the ergonomics of a chair. Ideally, the seat width would be enough to easily accommodate you while leaving a few inches for you to move around so that you are not too restricted.

The seat should also be deep enough to go all the way in the chair while only leaving a few inches off your thighs out. The seat must also have a slight back dip to hold you nicely, while the edge of the seat should be a little curved not to put pressure on your knees.

3. Lumbar Support:

Lumbar support is an extremely important feature and clearly distinguishes an ergonomic chair from a regular chair.

Lumbar support refers to supporting your lower back. An average human spine has a curve in the lower back that makes it hard to support the whole back.

The back of your chair will either be in contact with your shoulders or with your lower back while sitting in a normal chair, which often forces people to sit in a tilted position and damage their lower back.

On the other hand, an ergonomic chair will have a divided backrest, one for the upper back and one for the lower. Both the parts will be different in shape so that you can get support for the whole of your back simultaneously.

If not divided, the back of an ergonomic chair will have a natural curve like the spine and make the spine-shaped if you look at it from the side.

Both of these types work for normal posture maintenance, but it is not ergonomic if a chair does not have such a shape.

4. Backrest:

Besides being an S shape, the backrest of an ergonomic chair also has several other features that set it apart from a normal chair.

Firstly, the backrest of an ergonomic chair will provide you with great flexibility. It should be spring-loaded to allow you to put your weight on it and lean backward. The spring mechanism will also push it towards you when you take your weight off of it, providing your back with complete support at all times.

The best quality ergonomic office chair must also have a locking mechanism that will restrict the back at a certain point so that it does not go backward or forward enough to disturb your body's normal posture.

6. Headrest:

Not all of them, but the best ergonomic chairs have a backrest and neck support, and buying this type of chair is highly recommended.

An ergonomic chair with a headrest supports your head and keeps it aligned with your upper body. The headrest is also curved to provide proper support to your neck as after back deformity, changes in the neck's bone are the second most common. Neck pain is also the second most common type of pain related to prolonged sitting hours after backache.

The headrest should also be tiltable to allow you to relax in your chair and give your neck proper rest every once in a while by taking the weight off of it and shifting it on the chair.


If you look for these features in an ergonomic mesh chair, you will easily find the best ergonomic chair Singapore for your use.