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15 Desk Decor Ideas to Infuse Fun and Personality into Your Setup

Depending on how you decorate it, your desk can be a site of unbearable dullness where you’re subjected to hours of mind-numbing work, or a place of imagination and vibrance where creativity takes flight. With so much time spent hunched over the desk each day, putting together a workspace that inspires passion and reduces burnout is understatedly important. Here, MyDesk.sg compiles 15 easy ways to make your desk a more habitable and lived-in space. Read on to find out what they are!

1. Organize Your Schedule with a Calendar

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned calendar. Stay on top of special occasions, events and deadlines with a calendar that’s easy to look at and write on, whether it’s a desk or a wall calendar. There’s a wide variety of designs, colors and styles available in bookstores and online, so you can find one that fits you.

2. Add a Touch of Luxury with Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are a given in any desk setup as they can significantly increase efficiency by ensuring smoother mouse movement. However, they are more than functional and can greatly enhance your space. Leather mouse pads, for instance, not only serve the purpose of powering work and gaming but also add a touch of sophistication with their elegant look and feel.

3. Make it Cozy with Soft Furnishings

Anyone well-acquainted with interior design will tell you that soft furnishings are absolutely indispensable. Yes, we want to maximize productivity, but we don’t want our desk to look like a prison cell. Plump it up with a desk chair cushion, a soft throw blanket, or even some fabric wall hangings that simply scream boho. 

4. Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting is part and parcel of a cohesive workspace layout, offering ambient glow, illuminating space and facilitating focus. Choose warm-toned lights for a more relaxed atmosphere and cool-toned lights to stay alert. Moreover, brighter lights are preferable for workplace settings as they help to simulate natural light conditions. Plus, decorative lighting such as LED strips and fairy lights, can inject a sense of magic into environments.

5. Personalize with What You Need

Settle into the right headspace by keeping essentials within arm’s reach. That would be your planner, stationery, laptop, mug and so on. While we encourage customization, avoid cluttering your workstation with knick-knacks that distract and inconvenience. Remember, the things on your desk have to have a purpose, whether it’s making work more pleasurable or productive!

6. Streamline with Storage Solutions

Struggling to stow them away? Enter storage solutions, space-saving systems that help you free up space you didn’t even know you had. Some of these are desk-bound supplies such as desk organizers and shelf risers, while others like pedestals and carts offer a bit more freedom by being simultaneously mobile and organized. Remember, style thrives on neatness. 

7. Keep Track of Time with a Desk Clock

With smartphones, watches and computers, do you really need a desk clock? Not really. But it’ll still be nice to have one. These antiquated time-telling machines are, quite ironically, timeless decor that can infuse vintage charm into an otherwise ordinary setup. On the other hand, digital clocks are sleek and modern, and come with various functionalities that might appeal to the tech-savvy.

8. Breathe Life Into Your Room with Greenery

Enliven your workspace with living plants that introduce refreshing shades of green, reduce stress levels and purify the air. Some plants have leaves or flowers that sport distinctive colors as well. To ensure they survive indoors, seek out low-maintenance plants that require minimal sunlight and moisture, such as succulents, cacti and snake plants.

9. Enhance with Technology

One of the best ways to showcase the dynamism and potential of your workspace is to incorporate technology. Think of nifty gadgets like speakers that give you a premium sound experience, and charging ports that fast-track and simplify charging. Additionally, sophisticated solutions like electric desks instantly impart a high-tech, almost futuristic vibe. No accessorizing needed.

10. Upgrade Your Setup with a Monitor Arm

Modern workspaces are typically characterized by a performance-centric layout and minimalistic, monochromatic quality. Monitor arms seamlessly tie it all together by maximizing deskspace in a clean, simple and ergonomic manner. These devices swivel, tilt, extend and bend to accommodate individual work habits, putting comfort on par with efficiency. We’ll let you decide if that’s a testament to your character!

11. Open Up the Space with Shelves

Shelving can free up valuable room and make a desk feel more spacious than it actually is. It’s also a great way to display items that flaunt your personality and set the tone for your room. 

12. Express Yourself with Posters

Posters are great for highlighting ongoing themes and color palettes within a room. If you find yourself facing a bare wall at the desk, consider draping it with a poster that can inspire your creativity, be it one that’s geometric, abstract, tropical or motivational—the list goes on.

13. Keep it Neat with Cable Management

No one wants to stare at a tangled mess of cables, let alone undo one. Medusa-like wires don’t reflect who you are. Invest in cable management accessories that hide them in the most inconspicuous and easiest of ways—such as a clever flip cover or a dependable tray.

14. Uplift with Aromatherapy

Like things that smell good? Us too. From the comforting scent of fresh linen to the invigorating aroma of coffee, aromatherapy products such as candles and reed diffusers can add warmth and sensory appeal to a space. 

15. Put Up What Motivates You

Do you have a favorite thing that brings you joy? Whether it’s a photo of a loved one, a quote that sums up your life, or a piece of jewelry that brings back a memory, there’s no better way to decorate your desk than with something that keeps you going. 


Transforming your desk from a mundane workspace into an inspiring and personalized environment is less so about aesthetics than it is about well-being. These 15 desk decor ideas provide touchpoints on how to infuse fun, personality and functionality, making your setup a hub of motivation, comfort and creativity. From old-school calendars and unfussy plants to intuitive storage tools and refreshing scents, each addition contributes to creating a workspace that reflects your personal style and inspires you to produce your best. 

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