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10 BTO Space-Saving Solutions to Make the Most of Your 2 to 5 Room Flat

Singapore’s built-to-order flats are known for being new, affordable, and, well, small. At an average size of around 90 sqm per 4-room flat, there’s only so much a newlywed couple can pack before the entire place starts to look cluttered and messy. But a modest layout doesn’t equate to minimal space. On the contrary, sussing out smart space-saving solutions can help to create the illusion of a roomy and lofty home, sometimes even more so than bigger resale flats. Ahead, we present 10 ingenious BTO storage tips and ideas to squeeze out every inch and penny from your fresh and unfurnished flat.

1. Explore Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture that serves more than one primary purpose is a godsend in smaller homes. Think sofas that harbor storage spaces, loft beds that integrate shelving units, and even tables that transform from sitting to standing height. These furniture pieces essentially combine two (or more) potentially bulky items into one, thus freeing up significant floor space. 

2. Embrace an Open-Floor Plan

An open-floor plan refers to interconnected spaces unobstructed by walls and doors. This concept can make compact layouts appear more spacious and promotes openness and flow with its lack of barriers. While open-floor plans merge multiple common spaces into one larger, seamless area, individual furniture can be arranged to act as separators, offering both privacy and storage.

3. Maximize Corners and Unused Spaces

Hate that awkward corner not even the head of your vacuum cleaner can fit through? You’re not alone. Instead of leaving these nooks and crannies to gather dust, optimize your living space with pieces that actually fit. For example, customized desks allow you to seize full control of your workspace, with specified dimensions that make use of otherwise unused footage in a particular area — all without compromising the tabletop size.

4. Place Mirrors Strategically 

Mirrors are every interior designer’s best friend, reflecting light and creating long lines of sight that expand any given room. While not inherently a space-saving fix, they do help to make an environment feel less cramped and more comfortable. Place full-length mirrors around your home strategically, whether standing or affixed to walls, to breathe space into your surroundings. 

5. Optimize with Flexible Furniture

Flexible furniture refers to furniture items that are movable or convertible. These pieces allow for easy reconfiguration because they can be wheeled or switched around conveniently, accommodating your activities with their freedom of movement. Effortlessly stow unnecessary items to keep them out of sight and promote traffic flow, such as with a home office pedestal that sits on castor wheels. It’s also quite the solution for when you’re expecting guests, but need to keep confidential documents secure. 

6. Utilize Vertical Storage

Floor space is scarce in BTOs, not to mention 2- or 3-room BTOs. Instead of focusing on what’s at your feet, take a look at possible storage options around or sometimes above you. Utilize vertical space with floating shelves and tall furniture to maximize and enliven your space with decor.

7. Opt for Sliding Doors

Hinged or swing doors are a timeless choice for entryways and storage units, but can take up unnecessary space as they require clearance to open and close smoothly. Sliding doors, on the other hand, save up valuable floor space as they can be tucked away inconspicuously, whether it is into a wall or a hatch. By incorporating sliding doors, you can also alleviate the concern of furniture collisions, which often result in a frustrating struggle that disallows you from opening and closing doors reflexively. Consider these track-operated systems for your door, wardrobe and filing cabinet.

8. Simplify Furniture Options

Embracing minimalism helps to encourage a sense of airiness with its ample lighting, reduced clutter and open floor spaces. It also draws attention to high ceilings and your furniture’s simple forms. Streamline by investing in simple designs that lend a bare but sophisticated feel to your home. These pieces open up the space and minimize visual chaos, contributing to the impression of a comfortable and spacious room.

9. Install Mounts, Shelves and Other Accessories

Mounts and shelves abandon the need for additional girthy furniture, sometimes with uncompromising shapes and sizes like massive bookcases. Not only can you liberate square footage with these nifty solutions, you can also squeeze out precious tablespace for a larger area to work with. Beyond fixtures like mounts, shelves, hooks and racks, think accessories like monitor arms, laptop trays, and even cable management trays that reduce visible tabletop clutter.

10. Consider Organizers

Organizers and storage boxes are mini storage units that help you maximize available space in a particular area. They also help to keep your items organized and accessible. With compartments and dividers that keep loose items away, well-designed organizers can streamline your environment with efficient housekeeping even within the confines of limited space. Use organizers for office and art supplies, jewelry, beauty products, toys, tools and more. 


In Singapore’s compact BTO flats, where space comes at a premium, maximizing every inch is essential for creating a cozy and functional living environment. While the average size of these flats may be tight, clever storage solutions can transform them into spacious, inviting and efficient homes. 

With thoughtful planning and innovative solutions, even the smallest of spaces can be made into comfortable living areas. Explore some of them with us at MyDesk.sg, where customized, comfortable and creative furniture are designed and constructed right here in Singapore. 

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